Tuesday Bullet Blog

  • We have reached the point in late winter where everyone in the US who lives in a temperate climate is sick of winter, and everyone who lives in a subtropical climate is posting Facebook photos of themselves in shorts with captions like, “DON’T HATE ME HAHAHAHA!!!” I am always perplexed when people brag about things that are beyond their control, like weather. Or being Irish. Like: didn’t you, yourself, do anything impressive lately?
  • I got the new Athleta catalog in the mail last night. My birthday is Saturday and I will take anything you want to buy me from here. Just contact me for my shipping address, please and thank you.
  • Speaking of my birthday: I turned 40 about a month after Dad died. We had a party at our house, rather than do anything major: I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel on that milestone birthday, so I asked Dave to keep it low-key. He did something slightly bigger than I requested, and it was just right. Earlier this week he asked me what my birthday thoughts were; in our discussion, I mentioned that perhaps he should contact Georgann. He said, “I’ve already spoken to George. You think I’m crazy? I don’t go out on my own with these things.” He’s so good.
  • …But I will be sad, that morning, not to receive an early-morning phone call from my dad. One of the things I miss so, so, so much is the unexpected pleasure of a phone call from Dad during the day. Sometimes he was calling to give me very specific instructions about a car. Other times he was trying to schedule an outing. My favorites were when he was just pissed off about something, and he would randomly call one of us to blow off steam. When I was the lucky recipient, I would just listen delightedly to Dad going off for a few minutes– he always ended those with something like, “….That guy. Anyway, I gotta go back to work. Catch you later.”
  • I’m being interviewed today, for a college publication. I was headed out this morning and I suddenly thought, wait: are they going to want to photograph me? Based on my outfit for the day: please join me in hoping they will not.
  • Have I ever mentioned that everything converges in November and February? I have to complete 2 universes of light cues for a show by Friday. And I still have to work my regular job. AND all three kids have major events between now and then. How will all of this happen? How?
  • …Stay tuned, I guess. I’ll either have something super impressive to brag about on Facebook instead of the weather, or I’ll be fired. Really, it’s going to be one or the other.

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