Friday Ramblings

First of all: the dress is blue and black. It just is.

Secondly: Cameron got on a plane early this morning with his eighth grade class. He and I have been far away from each other before– but never because of him traveling away from me. Wonder why that feels so different. (And of course he is having a blast and will be fine. He’s been texting me photos from time to time, because he’s a fabulous kid. Eighth grade trip, though?! Isn’t he only like 6 months old?)

Also: my Jilly will be here tomorrow morning. It’s the best birthday present ever. Because, you know: tomorrow is my birthday. Did you order me those cute outfits from Athleta?

Finally: we were at a school-related event last night. And there was a hairstyle at this event which was so outlandish and crazy that I took photos. And texted them to several people including my sisters. My sisters wanted to know “if everyone is looking around at everyone else, wondering if this is a joke??” This is why I firmly believe that it is my responsibility to tell my loved ones, when they drift into caricature territory. (Confidential to You Know Who You Are: I was telling the girls about the time we took those watermelon shorts away from you. Addie J says she would probably have liked those shorts. You have the approval of a kid who routinely wears a Harry Potter tie with her purple sequin miniskirt and primary polkadot tights. Think that over.)


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