I am a part-time college instructor/ lighting professional and a full-time mother of three.  I’m hoping that this blog will some day excuse the fact that I never kept up with the kids’ baby books.

That said…Here are Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me:
  1. I’m left-handed.
  2. I have an M.F.A. in Theatre.  When my great-uncle Lud heard that I was going to New Orleans for graduate school, he told me, “You don’t need that much education to change diapers!”
  3. Huh.  Turns out he was right about that.
  4. But I do use my degree, as a lighting professional and to teach at the college level.
  5. I’ve been married to Dave since 1998.  He was late to the ceremony but I married him anyway.
  6. I am hoping that, some day, this blog will make up for the fact that I never kept up with the kids’ baby books.
  7. I love to run, but I’m not very fast.  Once, during a race, I was passed by a grey-haired man pushing a baby in a stroller.  Uphill.
  8. I’ve never had a haircut that I didn’t later regret.  Literally never.
  9. Nothing grosses me out like snot.  I’d rather be covered in someone else’s warm puke than touch the booger on the end of my 3-year-old’s finger.
  10. If you ever see me in a bar and you simply must buy me a drink: my favorite beer is Abita Turbo Dog.  Or just come by with a round of tequila shots– I’m flexible.