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Dave and I have been married since 1998. Little-known fact: he’s actually a softer touch than I am, where the kids are concerned. (Well: the kids figured that out long ago.)







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Cam is steadily approaching his teenage years and can’t wait to surpass me in height. I literally can’t keep enough food in the house for this kid.


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Gabby is 10 years old, and this photo sums up her approach to life pretty well.


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Addie J, or “The J” as she is also called, is our youngest. Recently a friend pointed out that, as the seemingly sweetest child of the three, she’s the one I need to watch out for the most.




Guinness was rescued from a hoarder’s home at one year of age, having had next to no interaction with people– but plenty of interaction with the violently feral cats living there. He was taken in by a veterinary program and rehabilitated, and in November 2012 we were lucky enough to adopt him for our own. We’re crazy about him although we wish he’d stop marking his territory already, and he will forever hate cats.